It’s been a super long week of unproductivity and things have been rough, and thus, baking is my escape. Felt really good and I woke up at 9AM in the morning to bake and got quite a bit done after 3 hours? My cousin has been requesting for me to make something with nutella (and because Junkie bought me this nutella recipe book from Germany and has been asking me to use it) I decided to experiment with nutella today and I must say I’m pretty pleased at how easy this recipe was and how quickly everything came together! So here it is 🙂 (I baked it in mini cupcake tins because it’s always easier to eat small bites than hugeass cupcakes so this made about 18? I halved this recipe btw!)

1 cup plain flour
1.5 cup nutella
3 eggs
+ white/milk/dark chocolate or whatever frosting you want

1. Whisk eggs and nutella together until smooth.

2.Add the flour in and whisk until incorporated. Do not overmix it or your cupcakes will be tough. (Mine kinda were whoops :/)

3. Bake in the oven at 350degF or about 176degC for a few minutes until when inserting a toothpick, it comes out clean!

4. Cool it and serve with whatever frosting you want 🙂

Enjoy! :-

– Yun



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