I having posted much for awhile, IB is killing me I swear but now that the academic stresses are settling down for a bit, I am back. So anyway, I love churros, I love waffles, so when I came across a churros waffles recipe, how could I resist? Now, these churros (like all churros) soften and get moist when it’s cool and is waiting out for awhile, but it’s crisp and chewy when it’s hot and so so delicious when eaten with cinnamon sugar, chocolate sauce, maple syrup and a cup of tea.



So here’s the ultra easy recipe and I think it’s time you treat yourself to some. (adapted from seriouseats)

1/2 cup water
4 tbsp unsalted butter
1/4 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup plain flour
2 eggs (large, but in Singapore they are all kinda a standard size so yup)

1. In a small saucepan/pot, bring water, butter, salt, sugar and cinnamon to a simmer over high heat.

2. Once your butter has melted and your sugar has dissolved, lower heat to medium and add in your flour. Stir rapidly until your batter is formed. (You will notice your flour absorbing the water mixture and forms a nice moist clump) Once that is done, continue to cook it over medium heat for about a minute.

3. Now, remove your saucepan from the heat and let your mixture stand for 5 minutes (to cool it down). Add one egg at a time to the batter and stir until each is incorporated. Expected the batter to be quite stiff, as the site says “a bit like buttercream frosting” but that wasn’t the case for me, it was just real sticky.

4. Heat your waffle iron and oil it. Then if you only want to make small ones like I did, just take a table spoon and put it in the centre of your pan and press it. Give it about 3-5 mins for it to come out crisp and chewy. It did stick to my waffle iron though so I had to use 2 forks put together to act as a tong (because i lost mine 😦 ) to pry it from my waffle iron.

5. Oil your waffles and sprinkle them with sugar, enjoy!


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